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  一:wu china on july 6, 1965 was born in the chinese jilin changchun
  speaks english, japanese, german can use the computer jobseniority for 11 years
  in 1990 beijing university department of journalism graduation
  from 1990 to 1996 december in shenzhen daily work
  studied for a year from 1997 to 1998 in english bbc
  in 1999 the repayment society news arranges close-stitches, isappointed director until now
  wants to go to beijing 21st the century newspaper office torespond to a call for recruits

  二:brief introduction:
  sex: female
  nationality: han
  major: foreign trade transportation
  address: no.6 alley3, north road,tiantan,jinggang,zhangjiagang
  postal code:215633
  email address:

  education background:
  graduation college: shanghai maritime faculty
  department:foreign trade transportation (three years1997.9--1999.7)
  other training courses:
  with better abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing
  skillful at all kinds of softwares on windows.

  working experiences:
  administrative management (XX.5---present)suzhou shipment of the yangze river co. ltd.
  planning for the market reserch
  offering the prediction of market
  finishing the summary reports
  planning for the ad
  editing for the ad
  organizing parties,vacations
  contacting with the local government
  and other activities

  after graduation, i have been working as an administrative management. i have gained rich exprience with a deeply understanding of administrative work.i am honest,careful and team work spirit. i have an open heart and good relationship with others. i have made a lot of friends. i am available for doing all kinds of administrative jobs.

  please give me a chance and i will do my best to work for you.
  i am looking forward to a fine reply.

英文应聘信的格式2017英文应聘信(2) | 返回目录name:

  personality: good communication skills and leadership, strong ability in negotiating and problem-solving, flexibility and cooperative.

  speciality: erp and sc management

  sap – module of sop/mrp/purchasing/inventory management/bom/routing

  oracle – module of sop/mrp/purchasing/inventory management/bom/routing/shipping/om

  believe: nothing is simple, but everything is possible.

  hobbies: table tennis, travel and learning

  personal: born in 1968, married, prc citizen, bachelor

  work experience:

  10/01- present, supply chain management manager/acting general manager

  xxxxx(weifang) co., ltd. (wholly american owned company)

  location weifang, shandong, china

  report to general manager


  1. leading the sc team to well plan and organize the material’s supplying and production to satisfy the customers and own business.

  2. develop and lead a team consisting of purchasing, planning, warehouse, imp. & exp. and production to optimize the operation process.

  3. be responsible for material inventory accuracy control, cycle counting and physical inventory counting.

  4. be responsible for ensuring cost-effective, uninterrupted material and services support for the site, while maintaining a highly visible presence as a key member of the site’s controls process.

  5. manage the department budget, plan and employee development and integration.

  6. to commit to the customer on 100% otd.

  7. to chair monthly sop meeting to make sure the smooth operation at the following 6 months.

  8. as an acting gm, is responsible for all business operations whenever gm is out of office.


  on time delivery 100%
  inventory turns down from 0.47 to 11.21
  duty saving rmb3.19 million
  shorten custom clearance process: from a week to 1-3 days
  cleared all the idle import logbook 64 lots
  cost reduction is rmb 2.1 million
  htc production yield is climbing onto 98.5% from 89% averagely.
  leading the team, that consisting of qa/mfg/ee/ie/pe/pcmc to get the successful bjk/efck receiver line transition from the other facilities.
  100% on time delivery to customer as commitement.
  as a team leader, to have a successful erp(oracle) go live within 2 months.
  06/93-06/98, department ii manager
  xxxxx. & exp. co., ltd. (state-owned)

  location xxxxx, china

  report to general manager


  1. to be responsible for all department business activities, that involved business negotiation, customer communication, recruitment, contract evaluation, bank issues’ settlement, profitability achievements.
  2. be responsible for cost control, suppliers’ management.
  3. be responsible for customer & suppliers’ sourcing.
  4. to clear all custom issues timely.
  5. to train staff and have them developed whatever in their business skills or personalities.


  the annual net margin for the department is rmb2.70 million averagely.
  100% meeting customer’s shipping requirement.
   no custom issues.

  education & training:

  09/87-07/91, tianjing light industrial institute
  qualification bachelor
  major subject chemistry minor subject: plastic/rubber

  10/97-10/98, beijing politics and law university
  qualification certificate
  major subject civil law, economic law and criminal law

  09/98-11/98, sgs-cstc standards technical services ltd
  qualification iso9000 internal auditor
  major subject iso9000

  02/99-02/99, pwc (shanghai) consultant company
  major subject sap application in enterprise

  03/00-04/00, nsw vocational education&training accreditation board (australia)
  major subject leadership/train the trainer/training metric/training module/pa

  12/01-06/02, knowles electronics co., ltd. erp core team
  major subject bom/routing/item master/aps/purchasing/om – oracle erp

  other training sessions conducted by internal company as below:
  time management
  team building
  strategy planning
  cost awareness

英文应聘信范本2017英文应聘信(3) | 返回目录thanks for your email and happy national day !

  i just got your email and got around to reply to you during national day. to be frankly, it"s not easy to understand all the contents of the attachment within 45 minutes. but i tried and it spent me almost 1 hour to read it over.

  let me go ahead to answer you the two questions now. because i have been engaging in purchasing field, assume that i am a purchaser of vega:

  1. per my personal understanding, if we don"t have any value-added services, we just act as a simple left and right hand trader, we will be losing lots of chances to develop ourselves. that"s to say, the assume is not correct. we"d better to find a couple of famous or potential foreign brands and franchise their brands. take an example, i have been working for some multinational ems manufacturers and sme independent electronics distributors. the bottleneck of this sector now is that some franchised distributors are trying to do independent businesses and lots of independent distributors are growing up. there are almost 3000 companies around the region pearl river delta except for yangtse river delta. the business style is also under huge pressure and competitiveness and facing challenges from china mainland. you will see something and chinese characteristics if you read the literature "my country and my people" written by mr. ling yu tang. copying is just like thieving ! i hate this kind of behaviour although i am a chinese. we have to, we must innovate ! i have a suggestion that the company should have their own advantages not only frachised brands but also value-added pre and after-services. as said by the attachment "these firms survived by using the low costs of their suppliers as the source of their competitive advantages as well as their specialist knowledge of the sources of the product in the region". except that we develop the advantages that low costs and professional knowledge (low cost and specialist knowledge will also be challenged from another same competitors; in my personal opinion, these cannot be the strengths of the company), we also need to find potential foreign brands and represent their brands as authorized distributors.

  the most important, we need to capture business chances by our intelligence and diligence. i.e. sunglass is a very famous brand of italy in the world. as i know the company has established its factory to produce sun glasses and exhibition in dongguan city. one of my friends visited me before national day and he said one of his friends got a potential order about glasses shop funiture from friends. he showed me the layout of the funiture, i help him to translate it into chinese because his english is not good. i seeked out the details of the layout and the customer is actually sunglass. but we gave up the chance finally because the capital reserve in our hands is not sufficient at all.

  2. at the same time, we have to focus on the details. you will see what i mean if you once read the book "detail is the key of success". take an another example. i am serving for one of hk independent distributors and our business is not good since the beginning of XX. some sales came in and dismissed after three months because they can"t make profit for the company; some purchasers are also not professonal in this field though their english level is emt-8. but fortuntely i made profit almost 13k plus 17k usd gp in the past one month (aug-sep) with my sales. our customer is a big manufacturer in taiwan and they urgently need 10k elpida sdram. we are sure they have already sent the inquiry to many brokers and only we found the sourcing. the sourcing is not online sourcing but offline sourcing, so all of our competitors didn"t find it out but us. this is just "detail is the key of success". we read it, we practised it !

  why i am taking the two examples is just would like to show how we make the business successful and smooth. that is also my answers to your first and sceond questions. i hope this can be a little useful for you...

  lastly, i wish i can unerstand your company more. i logged in your company website and found no any details on the website, just understood the company is a medical equipment trader exporting to western countries. i have been looking for a permanent job with promotions and raises where i can find good harmony and team work. i hope the company is the one what i have been looking for and i am the one what your company is looking for !

  happy national day one more time ! after all, just one time every year ! let us enjoy ourselves, i need to take a bath now.

  see you !

  jack cai


英文应聘信范文2017英文应聘信(4) | 返回目录

  september 30, XX

  alan smith
  personnel officer
  human resources department
  321 toronto st.
  toronto on
  a1a 1a1

  dear mr. smith,

  i would like to be considered for the senior customer service representative position which your company advertised in the september 28th edition of the toronto employment news.

  my qualifications and experience complement the responsibilities outlined in your advertisement and include almost 10 years’ experience in retail industry. i have been able to advance in my career through demonstrated initiative and the ability to work effectively under pressure. in my most recent position as customer service representative, i have had the opportunity to work independently in a complex environment which has strengthened my communication and organizational skills.

  i look forward to hearing from you in order to discuss this opportunity in further detail. i can be reached at 416-123-4567, and a message can be left on my machine if i am not available.

  thank you for your consideration.

  yours sincerely,


  jing chen